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The resonant leader

When Oscar finished his studies, he went to work at the marketing department of a multinational consumer goods company. There he expanded the knowledge acquired in the university as well as learned other fundamental skills such as teamwork with his peers, active listening to learn from his bosses and empathy to put himself in the place of his clients in orther to better understand their needs.

Later Oscar was assigned by his company to Italy where he began to work at the marketing team department and thanks to his humility, empathy with the new team and discipline, he quickly won several promotions until he became the right hand man of the Director of the department.

Oscar was very happy in Italy but returned to his country because the new Manager of his Department required him to do so, promising an interesting position. This promise never arrived and Oscar left the company after several months disappointed with the Manager who behaved as a dissonant leader since he was focused on his immediate objectives but was little concerned about the professional career of his teams and he did not recognize Oscar’s important professional evolution.

Since then, Oscar has been working for the same company for 15 years and has also worked abroad for several years. He is the example of the resonant leader, who is the one who trains, motivates and makes his teams shine and knows when he must be in front and when he must be on the side. His ability to work and strategic vision as well as his generosity and assertiveness make Oscar the excellent resonant leader that all teams and companies want to have.

Think about the resonant leaders (managers, teachers, role models) you have had and how they have impacted you.

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