Coaching | Mentoring

Coaching | Mentoring

Marta Anton
CAreer coach pcc
personal brand
career development
excellent leadersip
founder & ceo Oris Talent



I help people to develop their leadership skills and to achieve the objectives they set themselves in order to reach their best version of themselves:

GROW and Coactive Methodology
Self-knowledge + 360º tests
Professional Career Plan



Coaching helps teams to generate trust, motivation, empathy, collaboration and to live the values of the company in an authentic way to enhance their synergy and high performance.
Systemic team dynamics according to ORSC methodology.
Customised programmes according to the requirements of each team

Pictures: Coaching teams of multinational companies & SMEs. Barcelona – Dubai – London – Madrid


A Mentor accompanies you in your professional development and promotes the legacy & know how of the organisation.

National and International Mentoring Programmes for Companies and Institutions to support young people (Mentees) in the development of their professional career thanks to the support of senior executives (Mentors):

Mentor / Mentee Guide                    Development Plan – Matching – Individual Coaching
Group Sessions ( Training & Team Coaching)
National & International Programmes (Spanish, Catalan, English, French).

Benefits:                                                      Companies: foster the transmission of company knowledge and values.
Mentors: Strengthen their leadership by contributing their knowledge to the new generations as well as reverse mentoring (learning from young people: e.g. new technologies).
Mentees: To have a reference / tutor who accompanies them in their professional growth to develop their leadership skills.

Pictures: STEM TALENT: Stematesella Programme 2019-20 60 Mentors – 60 Mentees. 30 Spanish Universities Real Sociedad Matemática Española & EJECON – Barcelona – Madrid – Málaga

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