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Job Search / Professional Project

Welcome to the National / International Job Search & Career Development Programme in which I accompany you to find that Job / Professional Project that best suits your profile and personal objectives to achieve a successful career.

Hundreds of people like you have participated in the programme and have achieved the desired job / promotion within a few weeks, both nationally and internationally.

I am accompanied by +30 years of professional experience (20 of them in leadership positions in multinationals and +10 in talent development), +1500 hours of coaching / mentoring and the international experience of having lived and worked in 3 countries in Europe and Asia.


It consists of 3 coaching sessions and work material:

Personal Branding | Talent Map | Professional Profile.

We will work on your Personal Brand and Talent Map with the aim of discovering and empowering your strengths in order to successfully develop your professional career.
It is a Process of Discovery and Empowerment of your Strengths and Talents through Coaching Sessions as well as Personality Tests and 360º Feedback.
We will obtain your Professional Development Plan as well as your SWOT and competencies.
Elaboration of a Professional Profile according to your Talent and skills as well as your desired objectives.
CV in Spanish and English in Canva format.
Cover Letter
Linkedin Profile in Spanish and English

2. Target Companies | Recruiters

Definition of Companies and Projects to which we are going to apply
Job portals
2. Target Companies
Sending CVs and monitoring processes

3. Interviews | Joining the Company

Preparation for a successful interview: Storytelling, Role Play: Spanish, English, French, Catalan.
Keys to effective communication
Verbal and non-verbal communication
Support in the selection process
Negotiating job conditions
How do you prepare your entry into the new job?

Keys for the incorporation and adaptation to the new company.

Your role in your new job

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