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The conductor

Once upon a time there was a young woman named Maria who wanted to be a conductor. She played the violin very well and practiced many hours a day, thus developing his talent and emotional intelligence to interpret his scores. The more she practiced, the more passion she felt for music. In this stage of individual practice, Maria was alone with her violin and sheet music.

Later Maria joined a musical orchestra and participated in all the concerts. There she was with her orchestral companions. Maria realized that she was no longer alone with her violin but that her passion for music was shared with her colleagues who also played their instruments and that she was part of a group and that she had to listen to others so that the music would sound harmoniously, thus developing a social intelligence.

A year ago, Maria achieved her dream of being appointed conductor of the orchestra, suddenly she had under her baton a group of musicians playing various instruments. Maria’s mission was not focused on playing her instrument well in line with her peers but had become a leader whose mission was for the symphony to sound harmoniously and in unison. There she realized that the excellent and resonant leader is the one who also develops a systemic intelligence, listening and making all the members of the orchestra shine to achieve a masterpiece.

What masterpiece have you created or would you like to create?

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